Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tune-In [Wild Cub]

Keegan DeWitt, cantor e compositor dos Wild Cub, diz acerca deste video/canção: "It's a cheeky song, but with a real center of gravity. It's about aging, understanding marriage, understanding the true density of love. We tried to capture a sort of nakedness, surrounded in some sort of awkward comedy, with a strange sort of sincerity. Public access and VHS are often only referenced for their ironic qualities, but more often than not, when you switch it to that channel in the middle of the night, it's someone being strangely sincere, owning a moment of media for a small second, and although it's amateur and amusing, it's absolutely sincere and informing about the human pursuit of acknowledgement." O disco sai dia 14 de Agosto. Por mim podem vir cá a Lisboa!

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