Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cartas do Anónimo

I always wanted to put it this way.
It’s faster and direct to the brain. Shorter but efficient. So, instead of long thinks, an international review. This is the day for Bombay. Colony of British East India Company for centuries, India inspired these four young rookies from Crouch End, North London, Apart from their sincere sympathy for Block Party and Broken Social Scene, I take the risk and compromise them with Maximo Park and further more: The Smiths!

Yes I know. It’s a high risk. Anyway, I do not see my opinion to far from reality. Admitting they’re on the road to celebrity, it’s quite pleasant to see that they’re aware of fame counterparts. “Everything that happens to Bombay Bicycle Club has to happen naturally. As soon as it starts to feel forced, we will stop”. So, relax because they’re not going to force you to like them.

It comes naturally… See you next week buddies!

Bombay Bicycle Club, Always Like This


Mariana said...

so naturally, my dear! love it at first sight. kiss kiss**

pete said...

got a remix from this!

ANÓNIMO said...

Hello Pete. Who's the mixer? I wanna ear it!!!

Anonymous said...

o meu e-mail nao esta a funcionar e eu queria q ouvisses esta musica.

ps: pq e q tao a escrever em ing?

Leididi said...

Que bela musiquinha. Gosto muito.